About Us

“#NoFilter”.  For African Women By African Women.

Our story

We want to restore pride and respect in the African woman. Society has changed and every day it is continuously changing and It’s no secret that teens and young adults everywhere turn to magazines, the internet and TV when they need guidance and support in their everyday life and as African ladies it is hard to find advice tailor made for us and this a platform to steer the conversation and talk about the issues that truly affect us.

#NoFilter fills the void that women everywhere experience when they find themselves in need of advice or a nonjudgmental ear in a no holds bar type of way. Each presenter represents a different aspect of the African Women and represents a women from each generation, from the aunt you can tell all your secrets, the mature older sister and the fun trendy younger sister. 


Chido Musasiwa-Gutu

is a CEO/Marketer/Actress. She set up and runs an advertising agency that specializes in creative designs, event management, Roadshows, TV and Radio Adverts. She is also the founder and currently runs a child-oriented creative and cultural initiative, Let Them Trust that aims to create platforms for young people to groom and showcase their artistic talent.


Nyasha Sennie Pondwa,

Young, dynamic, confident and fashionable. She owns the spaces she moves in, owns her opinions and shares them freely. She is a digital brand, personal groomer and stylist, absolutely believes that we can all be beautiful, all we need is a little help!


Patience Musa

is a Jazz artist, song writer/producer, graphics designer, actress and radio personality/producer and voice artist. Besides her passion for music, Patience is a Graphic designer, volunteer for the organisation Zimbabwe book Development council from 1997 through to the time the organisation closed down. She pioneered a youth group “Youth forum” Currently Patience presents and produces at ZiFM Stereo, is a brand ambassador for Luster’s Zimbabwe and Exquisite Fragrances. Patience also presents a musical feature on Zbc – Coke On the Beat. She also scripts and presents a DStv weekly infomercial ‘The Now You Know show.' 

Tait Massie

video editor, cinematographer, graphic designer, motion graphics creator and animation producer. About 7 years and the creative industry. I freelance and I am apart of dream box animation studio as an animation producer and apart of Ingenuity creative agency as the Cinematographer and Video editor.

Zandile Zaza Ndlovu

is a radio and TV Personality, a highly sought after multilingual voice over artist, corporate and weddings master of Ceremonies, arts and leisure journalist, filmmaker, talent scout and public relations Strategist. She is the founder and creative director of BrandZa Communications. Zaza is an accomplished arts administrator who sits on The Let Them Trust and ZIMA boards. She has identified and managed upcoming artists who later became successful hitmakers. Zaza is a go-getter, ambitious, innovative and creative. A lover of African traditions and advocate for the preservation of cultural heritage.


Amanda Marufu


(AmandaTayteTait) is a producer/content creator/novelist/scriptwriter. Over the years she has talked to a large number of teens and has noticed one common thing they are all fighting to be heard, many feel alone and lost and turn to the wrong tracks in life and she wants to fight to build up the next generation of strong people who do not have to feel alone. Computers and media have provided us with a platform to allow these voices to be heard and with her sister’s help endevours to create creative platforms that drive social change.

Carol Marufu


Kiki is and editor and cinematographer who has worked for two production houses in Zimbabwe,  CMedia and Mighty Movies as well as freelance work collaboration with other media and film personals. Her experience in this industry is 8 years to date. Her vision is to keep pushing the limits and growing and believing in God that he open opportunities. She is a 29 year old self-motivated lady with a Diploma in Film and Television and a degree in Communication Science.